Welcome to my blog.

This blog will track the progress of Cassie and her puppies, which were born on the 4th October 2011.

Cassie is a black lab and was born on 25th May 2006.  Her dam is Gypsy who is a Field Trial Champion and her Sire is Teal.  Both Gypsy and Teal came from England

The pups’ Sire is a handsome chap called Paddington and he came all the way from Jo’burg to do the deed.

Paddington has recently gained his Working Hunting Retriever Title.

5 Responses to Welcome to my blog.

  1. Richard McDonald says:

    Cassie is such a nice looking Lab! Paddy is a lucky boy! Good luck!

  2. Les Isherwood says:

    She is a pretty dog. Holding thumbs for a safe delivery and a healthy litter …and a sibling for Peppa. Not sure if she will be thrilled or mortified.

    Good luck Cassie

  3. Alan Fraser says:

    I cant wait, this is all too exiting! one week and counting!

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