Planning for Puppies

Now that the arrival of the pups is just around the corner some forward planning is called for.  The things that need to be done are

  • Prepare whelping box
  • Coloured collars for identification purposes.
  • Scale for weighing.
  • Notebook for logging times of whelp and sex and collar colour of each pup.
  • Make sure that my vet’s number is ready and on hand in case of emergency.  There’s no indication that there will be a problem at this stage, but there’s no harm in being prepared.
  • Prepare list of names.  As this is the “D” litter, all the names must start with “D”.

Also, as I intend following the Bio Sensor programme with the pups, I need to make sure I know as much as I can about the programme.  I will be writing about it in another post.

Cassie is finally starting to show and if I carefully feel her belly I can sometimes feel movement – just flutters, but definitely movement.  Also her teats are swelling, and if squeezed gently will express a drop of white liquid.  I have stopped training with her, although she is just as gung-ho as ever, but we are going for long walks every day.  We are also still playing clicker games which she always enjoys.

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