Puppies have arrived…

The long wait is over.  In the early hours of the morning of the 4th October puppy No. 1 made her appearance.  After a fair number of strong contractions with nothing happening, I realised that there might be a problem.  On examination I saw that Puppy No. 1 was presenting head first.  Cassie was very nervous and, I suspect, holding back a little.  I had to try to get the pup’s feet so that I could help it out.  Once I had located them I then had to wait for another contraction so that I could help ease the pup out.  After another two contractions the pup slipped out.  I was not sure if she would survive, but she started wriggling immediately.  A girl – whelped at 02:35!  By now Cass was so freaked out that I had to sit with her and pacify her until she finally relaxed.  At about 05:00 the contractions started again, with another pup being born at 05 :25.  This time a boy!

When I inspected her I could see that there were no more puppies. This was confirmed by X-ray later in the morning.  A very disappointing result as we were expecting four.  I suspect that mating her for the first time at 5 years old had something to do with this result.

In the meantime we were keeping pups warm in a basket since Cassie was not interested in the whelping box that had been prepared.  Her selected “nest” was the bottom of my bedroom cupboard.  I cleared out the shoes and made her comfortable.  Now she was happy.  She had a nest of her choice, warmth and quiet and now accepted the puppies.


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