Update – Puppies now 12 days old

Had a few anxious moments over the weekend as little Zulu seemed to have an unusually extended belly.  After some consultations with Carolyn the baby dog guru, and a sleepless night monitoring, massaging and trying to reduce his feeding time in an effort to determine what the problem was, the old granny Gypsy simply went to him, gave him a few licks and out came what was bothering him.  Literally!  :-).

It seems that the large belly was as a result of over-eating rather than anything more sinister.  What a relief.  I can’t remember being quite so paranoid about puppies before, but I guess it’s because there are only two of them and I’m quite terrified that something will go wrong at this stage of our journey.

The other milestone that has been reached is that their eyes are opening.  They’re just little slits of gleam at the moment and Girl’s eyes are a little more open than Zulu’s – he definitely lags about a day behind her developmentally – and I’m sure they can’t actually see any details except perhaps the light and a few shadowy shapes, but so far everything is on schedule.

They are also both trying to stand although very wobbly still, and quite funny to see them trying to “race” towards mom when she makes an appearance!

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