Update – Pups now 19 Days Old

So much has happened in our lives since I last posted, so I’ll just take everything chronologically.  But, before I do, here is a picture of Zulu lying on his back.  It’s no wonder he had a tummyache!

No wonder the boy had a tummy ache!

Tuesday 18th October:  I decided that the pups now needed to move out from my cupboard into the puppy room.  I was more worried that Cassie would object as I know that the pups wouldn’t mind being anywhere provided it was warm and mom was nearby.  The move went without a hitch and Cassie didn’t seem to mind at all.  Jumped into the whelping box and immediately gave them their first feed in their new home.

Cass and pups in their new home

Friday 21 October:  Have taken some video clips of the puppies as they are now moving about quite well, but am learning how to edit the clips using Windows Movie Maker so that I can add them to the blog.  Finally got it ….. However it’s still very amateurish so I hope to improve as I learn more about editing.

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2 Responses to Update – Pups now 19 Days Old

  1. Alan Fraser says:

    they seem to have all the style and grace that I just don’t!

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