Update – Four Weeks and Three Days

Pups are becoming more and more confident with each day that passes.  They are negotiating steps up and down with ease; they are aware now of height and check carefully before they launch themselves into space.  They are starting to “gallop” – too sweet to see.

They have decided they like solid food quite a lot and I’m feeding them three small meals a day.  They are, of course, still getting milk from mom.  She is still fairly tolerant even though their teeth are needle-sharp and her tummy is full of little scratches from their claws.  I intend letting her feed them for as long as she is happy to do so.  However, their solid food will increase so that they are not too hungry.  From past experience she will actively reject them at about 6 weeks.

I will post some photographs of their food in due course, but for the first meal of the day they get rice mixed with pet’s mince.  Not too keen on this, so I must add more mince to the rice.  About 50/50 at the moment.  For the midday and evening meal they are getting pureed raw veg mixed with chopped chicken hearts and a tiny bit of raw chicken liver.  This they just love and tuck in with enthusiasm.

I saw the funniest thing today.  I now know that little Zulu has definitely inherited at least some of his sire’s genes.  Today after he had pee’d he scratched the grass with his hind legs – well, tried to.  Of course he fell over.  It was so funny.  I’ll try and get it on video.  It’s the first time I’ve seen such a young pup do such an “adult” behaviour!

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