Update – Five and a Half Weeks

It’s a little under a week since my last post and quite a few things have happened in the pups’ lives since then.

  • They’ve experienced their first hectic thunderstorm.  After a little startle at the first close thunderclap, they took it all in their stride.  Even outside the rain and wet grass were accepted without a fuss.  They seemed to enjoy it and had to be called inside.
  • They’ve  had their first ride in the back of the bakkie.  First simply while it was moved into the garage, and today around the block.  Tomorrow they will be going on their first outing away from home – to visit their aunts in Hilton.
  • On Friday they saw a lawnmower in action for the first time and played with Leonard, the gardener.
  • They are starting to interact with their toys a little more now.  Their favourite toy is an empty Coke bottle.  It’s very light and the smallest bump sends it skittering along the floor.  Great fun!

The nice thing about having only two puppies in the litter is that they can live inside with the rest of us.  Of course, I’ve had to roll up the rugs and keep the mop handy for the odd accident, but that’s a small price to pay.  This was never possible with 8 or 9 puppies.  I find I can also focus on each individual more than I could when we had many.

They’re still drinking at the “milk bar” but this is happening less regularly.  All their baby teeth have made their appearance and are extremely sharp.  They love gnawing away at fingers and my crocs!

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