First Visit to the Vet

Dax and Zulu were 6 weeks on Tuesday so off to the vet we went for our first lot of shots and our ID chip implant.

Since I had taken them for a couple of rides in the car they weren’t too perturbed about being in the car even though mom wasn’t present.  They also took the vet’s reception area in their stride and said hello to Jill, the receptionist with much tail wagging and chin nibbles!

Dax, the little girl, was quite nervous about the surgery and being put on the table for her shot.  Whimpered a little with the prick of the needles, but when put down on the floor afterwards bustled around with her tail up – quite relaxed.  Zulu was calm throughout the entire procedure and squeaked once with the insertion of the chip, but reacted much more positively than Dax.  They fell asleep immediately in the car on the way home, and don’t seem to have suffered any ill-effects from the experience or the vaccination.  They are lying in my office around my feet as I write this.

We have had a number of days of non-stop light rain and both pups are going outside in the rain and on to the wet grass and paving totally unconcerned.  They also helped Cassie, their mom dig an enormous hole.

Cassie's hole

Helping mom dig

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