Alan and Zulu

I’ve just had the following sms from Alan.  It seems that he is doing a wonderful job of early socialization.

“… he is a great pup.  We have a full house at the moment with a friend’s 12 month old little bitch staying with us.  She plays very nicely with Zulu.  Paddington has reacted exactly as you predicted – generally ignores the little usurper and occasionally give a low grumble, at which point Zulu rolls onto his back.  Baloo pays him abit more attention but it is much the same.

His toilet training is very good, and he has not made a mess at night yet, touch wood.  I take him out at 3 a.m. and then again at 5.30-ish.

He has now met a goat, negotiates flights of stairs with aplomb, and we are just off to meet Simon’s class (Simon is Alan’s young son) so he is going to meet lots of screaming kids.  We have gone shopping and he rides well in a trolley until spotted by a group of women who then fawn all over him and give the game away.”

So, it seems that Alan is not going to take me up on my offer to take him back ;-).

What needs to be pointed out is that socialization is not only meeting strange dogs – it is also more about exposure to different environments and a variety of people of different ages and appearance.  This is easiest to do before the pup turns 12 to 16 weeks, so Alan is doing the right thing.

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