Dax is now Dash

I am amazed at how rapidly this little girl has “found her feet”.  She is incredibly well coordinated and goes everywhere at a run.  It seems that the only time she is still is when she is asleep.  I have decided that the name “Dash” suits her better than “Dax” so that is how she will be known from now on.

She doesn’t seem to be missing her brother at all – of course, she now has mom’s undivided attention.  What is interesting is how Cassie and Dash play together.  You can see quite clearly how Cassie self-handicaps herself by lying down and inhibiting her bite.  Self-handicapping is a behaviour that often happens with large dogs playing with smaller, weaker dogs.  For example, a large dog will often stay lying down when “jaw wrestling” and an adult dog will, when playing tug with a pup tug very gently.  I can also see how Dash is learning her manners around the older dogs.

Her crate training is going quite slowly and at the moment she is simply having her meal in the crate with the door open.  She had her first bone today – in her crate, of course.  Interestingly she does, from time to time during the day, carry toys into the crate but never really stays there for long.

Dash enjoying her bone in the crate

She is becoming more attached to me as the days go by.  She is offering very nice sits for the food that I carry around with me in my pocket and has a great recall.  She is also learning about the clicker.

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