10 Weeks – More New Experiences

We’ve been making regular trips to our local dog park and have met a multitude of both adults and puppies.  The great thing about Memorial Park is that there is always something new – either a new puppy or dog or a new person or child.  It has a variety of terrain as well including swiftly running water, still pools, bridges and long grass and reeds – and, with all the rain lots of mud!

Memorial Park - our special place

This week we braved the small stream that runs through the park and because of the heavy rains we’ve had the normally quiet and well-behaved stream has become a fairly daunting stretch of water.

Helping mom retrieve a stick

Gulp! White Water!







River crossing.

Phew! Across!

After all that excitement Dash actually fell asleep while waiting for supper to be served.  This is a first!  She must have been exhausted!



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1 Response to 10 Weeks – More New Experiences

  1. carolyn baker says:

    Cannot believe the size of this child! Wonderful pics ..

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