Training Goals – 10 Weeks

These are some of the things Dash has learnt –

Walk on a lead:  She has learnt to walk on a loose lead quite nicely.  We do very short stretches of walking – only 10 steps or so – in various places.  She has learnt to give in to any pressure on the lead and because of this is learning not to pull.  I don’t want pulling to become a habit so we are taking it very slowly and carefully.

Recall:  Her recall is still very good.  She responds very well to her name and I can call her out of play with another dog.  Reminder to myself:  Start introducing the whistle as a recall cue.

Sit and Down:  Her sit is on cue and she has learnt to offer sits for whatever she wants.  I’m still giving her the hand signal for down and have just started introducing the cue.

Sit and Wait:  She sits beautifully for her dinner so I have just started teaching her to wait.  She’s catching on to all these new concepts really well, and this should only take three or four sessions.  It’s a very good exercise to teach her self-control.

Manners with Adult Dogs:  My dogs, and especially granddam and grandsire have taught her to mind her manners with adults.  This video clip shows how polite she is with Teal while he’s busy with a chewy.  Also, his patience and tolerance with her is amazing.

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