Dash is 20 weeks

Dash is now 20 weeks and I’m loving every minute of her journey.  I hope to have some more video clips of her training progress, but so far we are learning to walk nicely on a loose leash, pay attention and focus on me, perch/pivot work, as well as sit to whistle and wait for her dinner and at thresholds.  As she is quite a lively little girl I am doing quite a lot of work on impulse control and her “Leave” game is coming on very nicely.  We have also started her Sit and Stay.

She just loves to retrieve and is learning to sit quietly and wait her turn when the other dogs are working.  In the beginning she was very noisy and demanding “me, me, me!!!” but we are getting better.  Waiting at the water is still a problem though.

Although she is very quick onto a thrown dummy and will go out on a sight line she is becoming a bit hesitant about carrying the dummy for any distance, although she most often will bring it right back to me and put it into my hand.  I suspect her mouth is a little tender as she is cutting her permanent teeth so I will hold off on the deliveries until she has all her teeth.  To help with the deliveries I’m doing quite a bit of work on nose targeting my palm which she is getting very good at.

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2 Responses to Dash is 20 weeks

  1. Alan Fraser says:

    Hi Louise,

    I hope you are well, it is scary how big they are getting, so soon!.

    Zulu is also having a problem carrying the dummy, and I have put it down to him getting permanent teeth. I have stopped retrieving with him for a while in the hope that spitting the dummies does not become a habit,

    Two weeks ago I also got him swimming, he still had absolutely no style but he went out, which I was happy with. I have it of a video, but the file is 17 Mb, which seems too big to e-mail.


  2. clickapup says:

    Good idea to stop the retrieving for the moment. If he’s as keen as Dash, then picking up the retrieving when he’s a little older is definitely not going to be a problem. Rather that than him not wanting to hold the dummy.
    If you like you can put the video onto a DVD and mail it to me and I will edit it and put it on the site, together with any comments or updates from you. I would love to put some more stuff on Zulu onto the blog. Most of the stuff you had in your wonderful article I already had, so I didn’t use any of it. I’ll look through the photos to see if there is anything I can add. Even just some photos of him as he is at the moment would be fantastic.
    Take care,

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