Dash’s First Trial – April 2012

Since I had entered Cassie (Dash’s mom) and Teal (Dash’s grandsire) in the Labrador Retriever Kennel Club’s trial over the last long weekend, I thought it would be a great opportunity for Dash to experience the excitement, the gunshot and all the vibe that goes with a Retriever Trial.

She coped very well with the 6 hour-long trip in the back of the truck that she shared with the rest of her family and even though we had a number of stops along the way she was very glad to finally get out and really stretch her legs.  Even though she did not compete she coped very well with the gunshot and watched everything with the same intensity as her grand-dam did when she was a puppy.  We practised our heeling amidst all the distractions, and also practised sitting quietly at heel, watching the dogs working.  She accepted fairly long periods of tethering while I was working one or other of the dogs which is a very important part of her learning, particularly since I will always have more than one dog to run, and will, from time to time be expected to judge.

Teal and Cassie ran nicely and I was very pleased with them as it was a pretty tough course and they last competed in June 2011.

Cassie fetching the duck from across the river.

Settling Teal in line prior to the retrieve

One of the highlights of the weekend was that Dash’s littermate, Zulu, competed very successfully in the Puppy Stake, and came 2nd – much to the delight of his owner Alan and, of course, myself.  Very well done Alan and Zulu!!!

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