Dash is 8 months

The little pup is growing and growing.  Almost as tall as Cassie now, and it looks as though she might be taller.

Her training is going quite well, although I’m not spending as much time with her as I would like.  The skill sets I’m busy with at the moment are off-lead heeling, front finish and finish to heel, deliver to hand and remote sit as well as sight lines.

Heeling off lead:  I’m using a ball as a reward here because she gets very excited when heeling and tends to snatch at the food.  The ball reward works very well though.  You can see on the video clip how excited she is in the beginning, but soon starts to calm down and walk nicely.  She is still flaring out with her back legs but that should adjust with time and if it persists, I’ll go back to the food rewards once more so that I can click and treat better position and movement.

Using the perch as a tool for front and finish.

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